SOEASY Prefab House & Container House Live Show in March
Apr 01 , 2022

In order to let people who are interested in our products know more about our products, we held a live show on 14th—18th ,March.

In here, I summarize the main content of our live show for our friends who have not seen our live show.

1.Folding container house—the most hot sale product

Size: 2.5M* 5.8M* 2.6H

Come with electrical system.

Only 4 minutes can install 1 house

folding container house

When it is folded, its height is only 350 mm, which can greatly save your warehouse space. Not only that, it can also save a lot of shipping costs, because 12 sets can be load in a 40'HQ container. 

As we know, the other manufacturer just only can load 8 or 10 sets in a 40'HQ container. We made it the largest loading number, so our folding container house can really great to save your shipment cost.

Folding Container House can be applied widely. Because it is very easy to install, it is used as an isolation room, clinic, military camp, dormitory and so on.

Among the Chinese manufacturers, we have the number one technological innovation and quality control, and our folding container house has exported to more than 50 countries.

2. Expandable container house—Most luxury house

Size: 5.8M* 6.3M* 2.5H

Come with compete electrical and plumbing system.

Two bedrooms and 1 bathroom design.

1 hour install one house.

expandable container house

This expandable container house is very luxury design, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom design. Come with complete electrical system and plumbing system. Included lighting, sockets, switches, electric box, shower room, sitting toilet, washing basin , exhaust fan, etc. All these are fix in our factory.Come with a compete bathroom.Very convenience.

2 bedrooms design is our standard design. We can also customize for you as you want.Such as 1 bedroom,3 bedrooms empty dormitory design or even store,clinic,hospital design..All is ok.As long as you want.

There are 4 advantages for our expandable container house, or even we can bear 11-grade typhoon and 7-grade earthquake. So if there are heavy rain and strong wind, you don’t need to scare, because you are in a shelter, it will protect you well.

We have done lots of projects to many countries,such as USA,UK,Germany,Japan, Malaysia,Chile,Israel.

3.Flat pack container house—come with complete roof and base


Come with electrical system

Flat pack container hosue, similar to a 20ft shipping container. The size is export standard size in order to load into 40ft HC shipping containers.

flat pack container house

Flat Pack Container Houses are the most Modular Design, can joint to make bigger space, can move easily to other locations, can stack 2-3 floors, Can be used as site office, clinic, dormitory, storage or any other kind of portable cabin function.

All Flat Pack Container Shops steel structure well painted & reliable, the wall & roof material is insulated. Come with  Wall, Roof, Electrics, Rolling Shutter Door & Floor. They are used as single units that are portable. Can be used for Kiosk, Fast food shop,

4.Prefabricated K house

K house is a very economical prefab house.Can customize for customer.

Can build 1 floor,2 floors and 3 floors.

prefabricated house

This design is for worker dormitory.Each room can live 4 to 6 people.Can come with bathroom.All depend on our client’s need.Have dining area,kitchen ,washing room,also can have office room.

If any idea, please feel free to let us know,we will design for you according to your idea.

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