How about the COVID-19 Isolation Room
Apr 02 , 2020
The best construction method of coronavirus isolation room

China has been attacked by the COVID-19 since February. Now it's April, and the epidemic situation in China has almost recovered. What's the reason?
————This is not only due to people's unity, but also to the government's timely establishment of temporary hospital & isolation room (=container house)

1. The traditional cement house construction time is too long, and the cost is high, it can not be recycled, which is the opposite of the original intention that we need to quickly establish a hospital isolation house.

2. And the Chinese government is wise to adopt container house, because container house can be established quickly, can be recycled 100%, and green, pollution-free.

The main product of our Wellcamp Prefab House Company is container house. In the course of this COVID-19 epidemic, our company has built many container hospitals and isolation rooms for the whole world !

COVID-19 Isolation room coronavirus isolation room

hospital isolation housecontainer isolation room

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